"Welcome to my website.

I am a birth and death doula and educator, I facilitate ceremonies at all stages of life and death, I am a social entrepreneur and a consultant in ethical public policy. 

As a director of 2 social enterprises for many years my work was bound up with the work of those companies; in recent years with the publication of my books there has been interest in me as a human being alongside the work I have done with Sacred Circle and more recently with At One (see Books and Links). So this website is about what I offer and that includes leading ceremony, my podcast, my consultancy work, my books and the upcoming webinars on the Ancestral Landscape.

You can access online courses which I call R&R (Roots and Rites) either as a one off or a subscription and these inquiries reflect the process I go through with the dying, the bereaved, with clients for any ceremony, and in my counselling practice."


R&R can stand for a number of things but it starts with a play on words “Roots and Routes… Rights and Rites” and these 4 points on a compass are the building blocks of my work in the world:


ROOTS (ancestral roots, tree roots, story of land, place and space)

ROUTES (pilgrim ways, navigating the unseen landscape, finding our way together)

RIGHTS (social justice, human rights, what we are fighting for, the battles within)

RITES (ceremony, ritual, celebrant work)

R&R has been born from a realisation that I have had while running End of Life doula courses where we invoke Death to be our teacher, that to work with death and grief is to be taken ever more deeply into social justice “if you believe in a good death for one, you believe in a good death for all” and “to grieve fully is a great privilege”. 


The Death work that has made my name so far is also leading me into bridging the gaps in consciousness between the personal and the systemic. As within so without. And so I feel that folks can access my work at both the personal and the collective levels of consciousness. For those who are motivated in socially and community orientated ways then R&R is a movement that seeks to:


Remember the ancient ways

Reimagine the old ways for modern times

Reconcile broken promises (within land, place and space)

Reparations for harms done (atonement) 




Do you wish to heal ancestral trauma and land trauma?

Are you motivated by social justice with a particular interest in de-colonisation?

Are you interested in death and grief as motivators for social change?

Are you interested in authentic ritual and ceremony that is not appropriated?

Do you see the need for ancestral healing of Europe and wherever the descendants of white Europe have settled? 


What is on offer in R&R Community Space?


  1. Podcast Talks
  2. Podcast Interviews
  3. Blog articles
  4. Discussion space with kindred spirits
  5. Resources eg worksheets for community
  6. Stories, poems and artwork