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Books and Other Projects


AG Derwen's first book Lost Rites: Ceremony and Ritual for Death and Dying is available from the publisher

The second book in the Lost Rites series "Community of Grief" is due for publication in Autumn 2022

AG Derwen is the co-founder of 2 social enterprises: Sacred Circle CIC and At One Voice CIC. 

Sacred Circle Training Co CIC is a social enterprise dedicated to education and community development in the field of death, dying and grief. We offer End of Life Doula preparation courses, Ceremonialist (Celebrant) courses and personal and community development courses.

(Please note this website is in development and will be going formally live in the next 2 weeks, you won't yet see dates for courses and you won't yet be able to book).

Follow us on instagram @sacredcirclelove

At One Voice CIC is in its early development phase but is brimming with exciting potential. We seek to provide a de-colonising education through story, music and art that unpacks this notion of the "glory" of the British Empire. The whole endeavour is a ritual act of atonement. 

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